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Peercovery® For Seniors

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Compassionate Mental Health & Substance Use Support For Older Adults

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Mental health and substance use conditions affect all ages, but the needs of seniors are often overlooked. 

Nearly one in five older adults has a mental health or substance use condition. Seniors may experience changes in functional and cognitive ability and be challenged with chronic pain or multiple chronic health problems. They  experience grief and loss at a higher rate as friends and family age and are at higher risk for abuse. These events and experiences can result in isolation, loneliness, emotional distress, and other symptoms that may indicate a mental health or substance use condition.     

University research shows that Peer Recovery support services are effective in helping individuals recover from mental health and substance use conditions. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration recommends adding Peer Recovery support specialists into direct care staff serving older adults. Learn more below of what Peercovery® for Seniors offers older adults, families and facilities and providers


  • Personal Recovery Specialists -- we team seniors with a personal certified peer recovery specialist who develops a customized plan for wellness and provides an array of support services; our friendly specialists work with seniors on coping with life's changes, accessing resources, self-advocacy and improving and maintaining wellness

  • Confidence, Hope & Empowerment -- our compassionate certified peer recovery specialists provide a confidential ear so seniors can air feelings without guilt, fear, or embarrassment; they inspire hope and empowerment

  • Elite Research Based Program -- our program is based on advanced research conducted by Yale University; you'll be receiving cutting edge recovery support 

  • In-Home/No Office Visits -- concierge service; our peer recovery specialists come to seniors in their own homes

  • Transportation -- our peer recovery specialists can provide support services while taking seniors where they need to go in the community*

  • In-Person or Live Mobile Video Chat -- we offer both in person and live telepeer video chat support sessions for tech savvy seniors

  • 24/7/365 -- with our live telepeer video chat technology, seniors can access a friendly recovery specialist virtually any time of day or night 

  • Family/Provider Support -- we specialize in working with families and providers who care for seniors (see more below)

  • Affordable -- we work with insurance plans to establish coverage; if there isn't coverage, we make our services affordable -- Peercovery® is a fraction of the cost of doctor and therapist rates


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Text or Call! 484.301.5100


  • Trust -- our certified peer recovery specialist become trusted advisors who understand and have empathy for how aging affects your love one's life and emotional wellbeing

  • We're There -- when you can't be there for your loved one, we fill the gap, supporting your senior with kindness and compassion, helping them cope with loneliness, isolation, grief, stigma, feelings of being a burden, pain management, safety, loss of independence 

  • Resources & Supports -- our certified peer specialists provide essential support services and become a resource for you and your senior in finding other services when needed

  • Reduced Hospitalization -- studies show that peer recovery support improves overall health and wellness and reducing hospitalization and emergency room visits

  • Safety -- our certified peer specialists are another set of eyes, checking in to make sure your senior is safe and not experiencing increased symptoms of depression or anxiety  


Click here​ to see if Peercovery® for Seniors is right for you


Text or Call! 484.301.5100


  • Increased Engagement -- studies show peer recovery support increases patient engagement with care and treatment

  • Reduced Hospitalization -- studies show peer recovery support services improve overall health and wellness and reduces hospitalization and emergency room visits

  • Increased Satisfaction -- peer support improves quality of life and increases individual and family perceptions of overall care quality

  • Circle of Care/Staffing -- peer recovery specialists perform behavioral health functions, freeing other staff to focus on physical health and direct care needs

  • Rapid Response -- wait times may be long to see a psychologist or counselor; peer recovery specialists can respond to seniors' mental health needs quickly, 24/7

  • Community Building -- team strategies to reduce behavioral symptoms that impact the overall functioning and culture of the community (isolation, irritability with caregivers, refusal of care, non-compliance with community rules and regulations)

  • Abuse Prevention -- A peer recovery specialist is another set of eyes to ensure safety and a trusted and trained professional to whom seniors can voice concerns

Click here​ to see if Peercovery® for Seniors is right for you


Text or Call! 484.301.5100

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