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Peercovery® Services

Peercovery® provides services you can't find anywhere else! Services that uplift, inspire, and put you on the path of wellness and recovery!


See our wide range of offerings below, and scroll down to see  specific services for Substance Use, Older Adults, Developmental Disabilities, and Criminal Justice Involved individuals:

  • Strengths-based assessments, goal setting and plan development

  • Stress management and personal concerns

  • Companionship/friendship and supportive mentoring relationships
  • Crisis intervention and support 
  • Trauma-informed practices and PTSD support

  • Problem solving and making informed, independent choices

  • Improving self-worth and self-concepts

  • Life skills development using available community resources to encourage recovery and well-being 

  • Individual advocacy and system advocacy

  • Housing assistance (finding and securing housing)

  • Educational assistance (educational goals; school and course selection, application, success, and completion)

  • Career and employment assistance (career selection; finding and securing employment)

  • Developing mental health advanced directives

  • Developing Wellness Recovery Action Plans

  • Strengthening natural supports and linkages

  • Courtesy transportation (where permitted); securing community transportation options 

  • Developing conflict resolution skills  

  • Assistance in meeting spiritual needs 

  • Health care navigation (locating, selecting and transitioning between health care providers and services)

  • Linkage to:

    • Crisis intervention services

    • Psychiatric outpatient and inpatient clinics

    • Case management service providers

    • Educational institutions and systems

    • NAMI, Goodwill, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, housing authorities

    • Leisure activities

    • Entitlements as citizens (Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, VA, housing, healthcare, community resources)

  • Encouragement in locating and accessing community supports, including:

    • self-help groups

    • government and private agencies

    • social and recreational opportunities

    • family, friend and natural supports

    • community support networks 

  • For individuals struggling with substance use (in addition to above):

    • Recognizing early signs of relapse and implementing coping strategies; relapse prevention

    • Promoting sobriety and drug and alcohol abstinence and recovery

    • Rehab discharge planning and support

    • Ongoing recovery support and community reintegration after rehab

    • Linkage to recovery groups and supports (12-step, AA, NA, spiritual and non-spiritual recovery)

    • Linkage to substance use treatment programs and services

  • For older adults (in addition to above):

    • Companionship and compassion

    • Coping with loneliness, isolation, grief, stigma, feelings of being a burden, pain management, safety, loss of independence

    • Courtesy transportation (where permitted) and public transportation

    • Assistance in finding older adult housing 

    • Assistance in finding older adult health care providers and services

    • Maintaining wellness and physical health

    • Confidential listener, without guilt or fear

    • Family support

    • Health provider advocacy

    • Treatment integration and treatment adherence

    • Abuse prevention

  • For individuals with intellectual disabilities (in addition to above):

    • Assist and support transition to adulthood through proper training and recovery to improve community integration and inclusion

    • Family support

    • Abuse prevention

  • For individuals involved with the criminal justice system (in addition to above):

    • Reentry and reintegration support from prison/jail to community

    • Maintaining probation/parole compliance obligations

    • Promoting law-abiding behavior

    • Reducing risk of recidivism

    • Overcoming dual stigmas of mental illness/substance use and criminal history

    • Coordination with criminal justice officials

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