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Reach For Recovery.

Our Recovery Specialists Come To You.

Concierge In-Home Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery For Adults Of All Ages


Recovery that lasts.




"Recovery-oriented care and recovery support systems help people with mental and substance use disorders manage their conditions successfully."

U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services  Administration

"Peer recovery support services provide the bridge between formal systems and services and community based networks...these services can be offered prior to, during, after, and sometimes in lieu of treatment."

U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy

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“You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

C.S. Lewis

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What is Peer Support?
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Who are Peer Specialists?

The Peercovery® Difference



Concierge Care. Guiding You On The Path To Wellness.

What Peercovery® Offers

  • Personal Recovery Coaches -- we team you with your own certified peer recovery specialist who develops a customized plan for your recovery and engages you in a range of supportive services and activities to achieve your goals; our compassionate support specialists have been successful in the recovery process themselves and are trained and certified to guide others

  • Elite Research Based Program -- our program for substance use and mental health disorders is based on advanced research conducted by Yale University; you'll be receiving cutting edge recovery support 

  • In-Home/No Office Visits -- concierge service; our peer recovery specialists come to you when and where you need them; live in your own home -- because that's where recovery takes place

  • Transportation -- our peer recovery specialists can provide recovery services while taking you where you need to go in the community*

  • In Person or Live Mobile Video Chat -- we offer both in person and live telepeer video chat support sessions; you choose how you want to interact with your specialist

  • 24/7/365 -- with our live telepeer video chat technology, you can access a recovery specialist virtually anytime, anywhere 

  • Support That Lasts; Hope That Never Quits -- recovery is a process of change through which you improve your health and wellness and strive to reach your full potential; we're with you the entire journey

  • Family Rescue & Support -- substance use and mental health disorders affect more than just the individual; we specialize in helping entire families recover

  • Unique People; Unique Situations -- we offer support services for both mental and substance use disorders and we meet the specialized needs of young adults, seniors, veterans, trauma survivors, individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism, and those with criminal justice histories

  • Affordable -- we work with all insurance plans to establish coverage for you; if there isn't coverage, we make our services affordable -- Peercovery® is a fraction of the cost of rehab, doctor and therapist rates


* Where available. Subject to terms, conditions and applicable laws and regulations.

Peercovery® is unlike other mental health and substance use programs. We use an advanced, evidence-based in-home concierge recovery support model that encompasses a range of services, activities and interactions between people who share similar experiences of struggling with substance use disorders, mental health conditions, or both. This mutuality—often called “peerness”—between a Peercovery® certified and trained peer support specialist and person in or seeking recovery promotes connection and inspires hope. We also offer special programs for older adults.

Peercovery® certified and trained peer specialists have the lived experience of recovery from a substance use disorder, mental health condition, or both. They provide support to others facing similar challenges. They provide non-clinical, strengths-based support and are “experientially credentialed” by their own recovery journey (Davidson, et al., 1999). The U.S Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration recognizes peer recovery support as "the future of behavioral health." 


  • self-esteem

  • confidence

  • empowerment

  • hope

  • housing stability

  • treatment engagement

  • overall life satisfaction 


  • substance use

  • self-stigma and depression

  • psychotic symptoms

  • emergency services

  • hospitalization rates

  • health care costs

  • criminal justice involvement

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Who Are Peer  Recovery Specialists?



Experienced Mentors and Coaches Who Inspire Hope

Peercovery® certified peer and recovery support specialists are people who have been successful in recovering from substance use and/or mental health conditions and who are trained to assist others in their recoveries.

Peercovery® certified peer and recovery support specialists are individuals who inspire hope that recovery and community integration are possible and commit themselves to “walk with” others, supporting them along the way. Research indicates that personal peer and recovery specialists can broaden access to community support and help individuals receiving traditional addiction and  behavioral health services.

Peercovery® certified peer and recovery support specialists help people facing substance use or mental health challenges recover and live their lives with dignity, productively and as co-equal citizens with others in their communities. Having experienced recovery themselves, they bring insight, different attitudes, and motivation to the services and support they provide.  

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James Kimmel, Jr., JD

James Kimmel, Jr., JD

The Peercovery® Story


The Nation's First Recovery Support Franchise Network


After co-founding the largest peer support provider in Pennsylvania, James Kimmel, Jr., J.D., a Lecturer in Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, author and healthcare attorney began searching for a way to help peers and entrepreneurs own their own on-demand peer support agencies to help others. Franchising has been used for decades in other industries as a supportive way for companies to replicate their successful service models while maintaining consistent quality standards, broadening ownership opportunities, and empowering others to succeed. James recognized that franchising itself is a form of peer support among businesses, where the franchisor serves as the peer specialist and the franchisees are the peers. After extensive research and development, the Peercovery® peer support franchise network was born.

Each independently owned and operated Peercovery® agency is trained in the Peerstar model and dedicated to supporting their on-demand personal peer and recovery support specialists in the vital work of ensuring that the individuals under their care receive the support they need to overcome barriers and achieve their personal goals of wellness, independence, recovery, and community inclusion. PeerCare LLC, the franchisor in the network, is dedicated to ensuring that each independently owned and operated Peercovery® agency has the support it needs to deliver high quality peer support services and succeed in its mission.


We are proud of what we have created, and grateful to the support specialists, peers, partners, and advisors who have taught us so much along the way. Whether you are a peer, family member, or loved one in need of specialized support services; a person with great skills looking for employment; or a support specialist, caregiver or entrepreneur interested in owning a business that both cares and succeeds, Peercovery® is a network of talented people committed to recovery, inclusion, and personal empowerment. Join us!


You can reach your goals...with a little support from people who have done it themselves.


Recovery that lasts.  




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